Check Point

Scripts from Check Point sk103154

Reports are coming in that Check Point scripts from sk103154 are not updating anymore.
This is because of an errounious grep in their script on line 88 and 91 in
The check for 'Last Modified' is case sensitive while it should not be. Please nag them to update their scripts.
Workaround: Change 'grep' to 'grep -i'.

R80, R81, etc

Download and unpack opendbl-r80-0.52.tar (changelog) on your gateways in expert mode. Follow the instructions in the README file.
The following lists are available at this time: etknown, tor, bruteforce, talos, blocklistde, malwaredomainlist, sslabuse, zeus.

Example from R80.10:


Download and unpack opendbl-r77-0.72.tar (readme, changelog) on your gateways in expert mode.
Run 'sh' in the opendbl-installer directory and you should be set to use

Example from R77.30: